December 22, 2013

I Am So Crafty

I make little humans.


I am especially good with making little girls. They come out so sweet and beautiful. I also think that I get better and better with each one. I keep telling my husband that we should see what our next one would look like as she will be just gorgeous but he is not buying it. He says he's done having kids. Ha.

I keep itching to make things but my hands are full for now and I don't have much time for big projects so I take on the little ones. I still need to finish K's Christmas gift that I started a month ago. Lazy me, couldn't finish it before the baby's arrival.

I do have a project to show you that I finished almost a month ago. It's a little knitted soaker I made as a cover for the diapers I showed you earlier.

Adaptation Ottobre Soaker

It's called Adaptation soaker from the Ottobre pattern. I've heard a lot of good things about it and decided to try it out. It was a very easy and fast project. Thanks to my pregnancy brain I had to undo almost the whole thing as I noticed I made a mistake. All in all it took me maybe two days to make these. More details on Ravelry (the link for the project).

December 10, 2013

Bunch of Stuff

I am waiting here. Waiting for something special to happen. My due date is here and no baby yet. I am getting antsy and instead of crafting I just sit here thinking of good ways to induce my labor. True story.

But I do still have something up my sleeve. Ha. I haven't shown you a couple of little things I made for the baby before I left. As I said before I was on fire before we left. So I will just show you everything I made and call it done for this year.

So the first thing I made was leggings. I picked an easy pattern from the Ottobre magazine. Good thing they have leggings in almost every issue.

Tiny Leggings

The pattern is Ottobre #8 6/2012. The size is a little questionable. I started with a size 56cm, made one pair and decided they were too big. I needed some leggings for 0-3 months. So I decided to shorten them a little and took a little from the top too. So as you can see on the picture all the leggings are different sizes with gray ones being the smallest. The pattern was easy and very fast. I mostly used my serger for this project.

Next on my list was a top. Pattern - Ottobre #1 4/2013.

Ottobre 4/2013 #1

Ottobre 4/2013 #1

This top made me sweart. I blame it on my pregnancy brain. I had to re-do the whole gathering in front and on the sleeves over and over until I got it right. To be honest I considered to just chuck it and forget about it but then decided to try once more and it worked out. I am not sure if I will be making this shirt again. It does look very cute though. I made size 56cm as it was the smallest size they had.

And the week before we left I decided to be a little adventurous. I have a very cute and comfy Gap shirt (sweatshirt) for the baby and wanted to recreate it. I looked through some draft-your-own-pattern tutorials online and went to work. I liked making the pattern but the shirt turned out a little too big.

Self Drafted

I used some very soft Japanese double knit (is there a thing like that?) which has been in my stash for a long long time waiting its turn. I am in love with the fabric. Sadly I do not remember where I got it from.
As for the shirt, I am not happy with how it turned out. It's big and the neck opening turned out too big/wide/deep. Have no idea how to fix that.

So I tweaked my pattern a little and thought it would turn out better. But the neckline is still awfully big and I just do not know what to do about it. And it's still kind of big even after I tried making it smaller.
I made the second shirt from an organic bamboo terry knit. It is very soft and nice to the touch. I was going to dye it some other color but at the last minute decided to just stencil it. So now I guess when I go back home I need to work on the pattern more as I really like this little sweatshirt idea but need to figure out how to make the neckline smaller. Any ideas?

Self Drafted

That is all I made before I left. I was sewing it all pretty much a week and a half before the KCWC so I was kind of thinking that I was participating in it just a little earlier than everybody else. I am glad I made some things for the baby as it takes me awhile to get back to sewing after being gone for so long. I am having total sewing withdrawals already and cannot wait to get back to my sewing machine. But we will see how good my newborn will be with letting me sew or do anything.

November 22, 2013

Two Projects

I still have to show you a couple of sewn projects from before I left Bulgaria but today I wanted to show what I have been doing here in London. I mean I haven't done much at all as I've been laying on the couch and eating bonbons I am lazy these days. But I did manage to make two little things.

The first one was a hat for Matt. He did not bring any hats with him and so I picked up some Debbie Bliss tweed yarn for him and started the hat.

Turn a Square

The pattern is free from knitting web site Ravelry. It's called Turn a Square and it supposed to have stripes all over the hat. I changed that. I just did three stripes all different thickness. I like how it turned out. This is actually a second version of the hat. The first one turned out too big so I had to undo everything and re-knit it again.

Turn a Square

Second time around I knitted it without any increases after the ribbing and, also, used smaller needles. Now it fits him perfectly. And I love the tweedy look of the hat.

So then I signed up to do another test knit on Ravelry. I promised A I'd make her something and she's been waiting. So I tested her size so she can keep the finished project and wear it. It is a bolero/shrug thingie that's called Wisteria.

Wisteria Test Knit

It was a very fast knit. I made size 5T. It turned out very cute BUT I wish it had some kind of ties or a button in front as it keeps falling off her shoulders. Other than that, I like it and she loves it. Always wants to wear it.

Wisteria Test Knit

Of course there is a picture of A's super posing. She's into posing lately.

November 18, 2013

Baby Jumpsuit

After making the diapers for two months and getting sick of the assembly line sewing I decided to make some kind of clothes for the coming baby. The thing is it's going to be my fourth girl and so I pretty much have everything. Not in a new condition as it all has been passed down so many times, but still. And at the same time I feel guilty about that same thing and always feel like making/buying new stuff. Am I the only one feeling that way?

So here's the jumpsuit I saw one day on Pinterest and really wanted to make it for some reason. I am glad I made it as it turned out so very cute. I think it's my favorite of all the things I made for this little one.

Jumpsuit Kiind

The pattern is a free pattern from this site. It's in Dutch I believe, but Google translations helped me with the instructions. I did not have any problems making this jumpsuit and it came together quite quickly. I used the serger for the most of it and thought how grateful I am to have a serger for projects like this. The only problem I had with it was installing the snaps in the crotch area. There are so many layers in there because of the binding that my snaps were not going through. It did not help that I used the prong type snaps instead of my usual plastic ones.
The fabric is some Japanese interlock knit that I bought from Etsy some time ago. I did not have much but I am glad I had enough for this project. I think this fabric is so very cute. And the quality is very good.
I made size 56cm. I believe it's supposed to go up to 3 months. But my pregnancy brain played a joke on me and I cut the pattern out without seam allowances. So it turned out smaller than supposed to. Hopefully it fits the babe for at least a month. I will make sure to post a picture in it when she comes out.

November 14, 2013

Two Months of Diaper Sewing

We've been using cloth diapers since A was 6 months old which makes it almost four and a half years. I am not a pro but I am pretty confident about using them. I've been lucky that Matt does it with me without complaining. I don't know if it has saved us any money but I am happy to think that I am saving the Earth at least trying to not throw away disposable diapers into the already full landfills.

With all the babes we would always start after they turned at least month and a half as we have to travel or be in an unfamiliar place until the babe is six weeks old. It's been easier to just use disposables for those first months. This time around though I decided to try to start from the very beginning. So when I went through my stash I noticed that I didn't have many small sized diapers. So with my pre-nesting feeling that hit me at the end of August I decided to make some fitted diapers. (Fitted diapers = diapers that are not waterproof and need a cover to not leak). I've heard good things about fitted diapers and wanted to try them. Plus they are easiest to make.

Rainy Days Fitteds

First I made fitteds from the Rainy Days pattern. I really liked the pattern as it was easy to sew the dipes and they went quite fast because I serged them. Size newborn/small. I used all the fabrics I've had in my stash, which are cotton knits as the outside layer and cotton velour as an inner layer. There's some kind of absorbent fabric in between but I don't remember which I put in which diapers.

Darling Diapers Fitteds

Next I made five diapers from the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern. I've had it for quite a while but never had time to tackle the diapers. The pattern was very detailed and not hard to make but I was a little overwhelmed by all the instructions and different options. So I kind of used the same process as with the Rainy Days diapers. Also all of them serged. I made three out of the minky fabric as I wanted some cute plushy ones, but hated sewing with it as it is very wiggly. Rest are from the cotton knits. Inner layer is made out of cotton velour as the other diapers. I think three or four diapers don't have a layer in between as I ran out of fabric but soakers are made out of super absorbent fabric (Zorb) which should help with absorbency (or at least I hope so).

It took me a couple of months to finish these. I did not have time to work on them every day so I sewed them a little at a time. I am glad I finished them all and they are ready to be used with the new baby. I just hope I like them as much as I liked my pocket FuzziBunz ones.

I also made some quick fleece soakers. As I said before fitteds are not waterproof so they need some kind of a cover. I made some fleece soakers and I am still planning to make some wool soakers. Plus I have some PUL covers.

Fleece Soakers

These are made from this free pattern. They were very easy and fast to make. I also used my serger for most of it. Size small. Fabric - fleece I had laying around.

And to finish it off I also made a medium sized wet bag to hold all these diapers in.

Wet Bag

I used this tutorial. I have made a large bag two years ago or so but I needed something more manageable in size. So medium it was and plus it is with a pocket. So I can stuff unused diapers in the pocket and used ones in the bag when we go out and about. Very happy how it turned out.
So here you have my long and boring post about diapers. I am sorry if I bored you and also for the awful lighting in the pictures. I made everything and then rushed through taking pictures so I could post about it later. Did not know the pictures turned out so horrible.

November 10, 2013

Wish These Worked

I brought some pictures with me of what I have been working on for the last couple of months. So you won't see any freshly made stuff here for now as I am away from my sewing machine. But I will be blogging about the things I made before I left.

So first on my list are the training pants I made for Katelyn. I actually purchased this Tinkle Time Trainers pattern long time ago as I planned to make some trainers for Alyssa to use at night when she was potty training. Crazy how long ago it was. Then I never got to it as I was away from my sewing machine at that time too being pregnant with Katelyn. And Alyssa got potty trained very fast and wore usual undies even at night.

Training Pants

This time around potty training proved a little more challenging so I dug my pattern out to make some trainers for K. I was a little sad to discover that I only had instructions part and could not locate my pattern pieces pdf. Good thing I had one trainer cut out already laying around so I just cloned it. I made four of these. All with a pocket inside so I can stuff different inserts in there. I don't like the pocket option though and if I make more I'll just sew the soaker into it. I think it would be easier to deal with them that way. The pattern was easy to follow and the fit is alright.

My only wish is that they magically potty train K. Ha. She's actually is very good about going #1 into the toilet and telling us when she needs to go. But #2 is going to take a loooong time. Ugh. Any tips on how to teach them to ask before they go #2 in their pants? :)

October 19, 2013

Purple Phildar Tunic

I've been making things for little ones for a while and kind of neglecting my oldest child. So one day I decided to make E something and my eye fell on the tunic with cables from the Phildar magazine. The reason I don't make stuff for her as often anymore is that she's getting big and it takes more time and more yarn to knit something for her. She doesn't really complain, but when I told her I'd make something for her she was very happy.

Phildar Tunic

I showed the picture of the tunic I wanted to make for her and told her to pick any color she wanted it to be. She decided that she wanted a purple tunic. I was a little surprised as my girls usually pick pink for pretty much everything.

Phildar Tunic

I decided that I did not want to deal with sewing the seams after it's finished and knitted it from the top down. I did make a couple mistakes and not quite satisfied with how it turned out but it doesn't look too bad. I think I made a size 8 but it's hard to tell as I did not really follow a pattern. But it looks like it will fit her for a while.

Phildar Tunic

I used "local" yarn - Alize LanaGold. I bought it from some yarn store in Sofia. I think it's turkish though. It is surprisingly nice yarn. It knits well and holds cables even better. I had to go back to that store and buy more yarn so I can make more stuff while we're gone. Oh, and did I say it's also cheap? Win/win.
But let's get back to the tunic. Emma loves it and is asking me to wear it every day. It's too nice out though for her to wear a sweater (because it is a sweater, really). So we are waiting for the colder weather over here.

October 1, 2013

Marple Pattern Testing

In the beginning of September I got an itch to make something absolutely new and not very much seen. Ha. Well, that is how I felt. And so I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to test a knitted pattern. I've never done it before and so it was all new for me.

Marple Dress

The pattern is Marple Dress by Taiga Hilliard Designs. Made from the top down and without any seams. My preferred way of knitting as of lately. I also really like round yokes like this. The knit was easy and went without any glitches. My yarn stretched a little after blocking so it turned out longer than I expected it to be. But it only means one thing - K will enjoy it for longer.

Marple Dress

K saw me making it and asked if it was for her. When she heard that it was indeed for her, she got so very excited. That is why I made sure I finished it as fast as I could. She'd come up to me and ask again and again if it was still hers. Isn't it the sweetest thing when your kids get excited about something you're making for them? I don't get that excitement anymore as much from E, but A and K are still in my fan club.

Marple Dress

Loved doing this test knit and maybe will do some test knits again after the baby is born. I'll be sitting around quite a lot with all that nursing and holding the baby.
Stop by Ravelry if you need more details about this pattern and yarn.

September 28, 2013


So I've hit my nesting phase. And I've hit it hard. Or maybe it hit me. I think it happened couple of weeks ago when I picked so many sewing/knitting projects that I won't be able to finish them for at least a year. Especially after the baby comes I will be crazed without sleep and swamped by other things. So in this my nesting phase I keep thinking that I will be able to accomplish all the projects I've picked in the next three/four months. Or at least I hope I'll get half of them done. A little too ambitious, don't you think?

So my first thing to show off is a little cardigan from Phildar magazine. It's knitted by parts and then sewn together at seams. I think I now prefer things that are made top down without any seams in one piece. But I had this pattern and decided to just follow it to the T.

Phildar Baby Cardi

As usual I finished it quite fast. I think it took me two/three days to make all the parts. But then my lazy me put it away and did not want to deal with sewing it together. Ugh. That's my least favorite part.
I made size 0-3 months so my babe will be able to wear it pretty much all winter. Yarn is original Phildar yarn from some Parisian shop I stopped at from my trip to Paris.

You'll be seeing lots more knitted things these days on this blog. I've been sewing too, but mostly cloth diapers and diaper related things and I am sure it won't interest you as much as little tiny clothing.

September 15, 2013

Cheery Undies

We are in the middle of K's potty training. I know it's foolish as we are having big changes ahead of us which will definitely send her back to accidents and diapers. But I just cannot not do anything while she has a tiny bit interest in being potty trained.

The second foolish thing (could be my pregnancy brain) I did was make undies for that purpose. We don't have Target or Walmart for that matter and the local undies aren't that cute. Also, I have something against Dora/princesses undies so I opted out of shipping some for K. So instead I made some.

Little Undies

Pattern is by That Darn Kat and I've had it for quite a while. I also made a couple of undies from this pattern for Alyssa when she was little and in my pre-serger era. I like the pattern a lot. The only thing I did not like about making the undies was the assembly line sewing. I just despise it for some reason. Size 2T. I just love how colorful and cheery they turned out.

So now to get K excited about wearing these and not to get upset when she poops has an accident in them. Maybe I should have gone with Dora undies after all so I wouldn't care about them as much. :)

September 6, 2013

Last of The Gift Sewing

Remember that season of gifts? Well, I have one more little thing to show. I had to make one more gift for a friend of mine who had her baby last winter and shamefully I got to the gift in June. Shame.

Little Goldfish Romper

I loved this romper from the first sight. I am in love with little baby boy rompers for some odd reason. And no boy to make a cute boy romper for. The pattern is Little Goldfish from Ottobre 3/2012. I don't remember the size I made but I think it was 64cm, which should fit a 6-9 month old baby. Hopefully, it fit the baby boy I made it for.

Little Goldfish Romper

The hardest part of the project for me was to pick fabric. I am so used to sewing for girls and as I noticed I only have girly fabric in my stash. I spent a couple of weeks deciding on which fabric to use. Decided on this light blue seersucker. I think it works very well with this pattern.

The pattern was easy to work with but I did have to re-read it in couple of places as I didn't get it right away. Such are Ottobre patterns. I think it turned out very cute and maybe wish a little I had a little boy running around in a romper like this.

September 5, 2013

Forgotten Dresses

Now I am playing catch-up with you, guys. I feel like I haven't made that much this summer. But I do have something to show. Nothing big, just little projects I could squeeze in here and there.
One of my friends here in Bulgaria gave me a ton of fabric she was going to use for a quilt backing but never did and asked me to make a dress for her daughter. She gave me that fabric in April. I put it aside and forgot about it.Then in June I stumbled upon it and felt quite embarrassed about my fleeting memory. So I decided to make two dresses out of that fabric instead of one just to make it all better. Ha.

Older Geranium

First one was a Geranium dress. I had to email Rae about it and bug her ask nicely to release the pattern's bigger sizes ASAP so I could start making the dress. The girl I sewed for is 11 years old but her mom asked me to make a 12 year old size. It took a lot of fabric! As I am always sewing for little kids I never think of how much fabric it takes when the kids get to be 6 and older. Then it gets to a scary amount of fabric.
Again, loved working with the is pattern. Just so easy and straightforward. I added a red little strip of fabric at the bodice for contrast.

Seashore Sundress

The second one is an Oliver +S Seashore Sundress. I've made it before for Emma and loved how it looked on her. So I decided to make one for the girl too. Pattern was a breeze just like all the Oliver+S patterns go. It took a little more work and time than the first dress but it was fun making it again.

To be completely honest I got so tired working with the same fabric. I still have a yard or so left of it and just don't have any desire to make anything out of it any more. Can you get tired of fabric?
Also, the girl is a complete tomboy so I am not even sure why her mom asked me to make dresses for her. I hope she liked them though and put them on at least once this summer.

Ruffles of My Summer

I've been lazy this summer. My family came for a visit and it was fabulous. I only went down to my sewing room once and it was because my little sister asked me to make her a skirt while she was here. Which I obliged to. I had no pattern and not much of ideas in my head as to how to make it. I just sat down with my sewing machine and started sewing. Good thing something came out of it. Cause it would be embarrassing if I ended up with some piece of ruffly cloth. Sewing without a pattern is a big deal for me. I am a huge pattern follower. So here's my end result.

Ruffly Skirt

I had a very vague idea on what I was making as my mom and sister were telling me about a skirt they saw on a picture somewhere. It turned out okay, but I am not completely happy with it. It could be better. If only I had instructions on how to make it. Ha.

Ruffly Skirt

Well, at least my sister liked it.

June 24, 2013

Gifting Season

There is time in a year when everybody surrounding you more than a couple of my friends have babies. I try to make things in advance but this year everything seemed to roll on to me and I fell behind. By the time I sent off the gifts the babies were already 3-4 months old. I am getting slow and lazy.


My friend likes to dress up her boys into handsome things and so I made this Prudent Baby vest but just scaled it down a little. The tutorial was pretty straightforward and took me not more than an hour to make it. I paired it with the floppy tie onesie. Tutorial from here. I also made some bandana bibs but did not take a picture of those.

Baby Boy Gift #2

Then another friend had a baby and I started making another gift. This time I made the cardigan onesie. I saw them popping up on Pinterest and thought they were adorable. As I don't have any boys I decided to try my hand on one for a friend's baby boy. I used this tutorial. It was a great tutorial and the project went quite fast. To add to that onesie I made some interchangeable bow ties. I drafted my own pattern as I couldn't find a baby sized bow tie that kind of looks like it was tied.

Baby Boy Gift #2

Oh, and I threw some bandana bibs in there too. I really like how these bandana bibs look on baby boys. And they should be pretty practical when the baby starts drooling.
I am also finishing another baby boy gift for another friend of mine but cannot show it yet as she does read this blog. Masha, just so you know you will be getting some bandana bibs along with another thing. And I really hope I'm done before G turns 10 years old.

June 13, 2013

The Story of an Unfinished Dress

Summer Dress

This dress waited for its destiny for a couple of months. I cut it out during the April's KCW but never got to finishing it. It laid there on the cutting table untouched for quite a while as I lost my sewing mojo and did not even go to my sewing room. When this happens in the middle of a project I tend to not even finish unfinished things. They just go straight to the to-be-finished pile where they die from the slow and shameful death. I could not do it to this dress, however. I remembered how I promised to Alyssa to finish it and how excited she was to get a new dress. I got to work. It took me a couple of hours to finish it and I really like the result.


The dress is a dress R from this book (Happy Homemade Vol.2). Size 110cm. I used some shirting fabric from my never ending stash.

Summer Dress

All the time I was making it I was thinking about reinforcing the front panel with interfacing but when I got to it I totally forgot all about it. Thus the panel is a little bit floppy. The instructions don't say to reinforce the panel which is weird as usually Japanese patterns are very well thought through. Overall, I enjoyed making this dress as I always do with making things from Japanese patterns. It was easy and very straightforward.

Summer Dress

Alyssa likes it and it should last her through the summer. It is longer than any of her things and I like it that way. So now onto my long list of things to mend and make/finish.

April 28, 2013

KCW: Day 4

Which is my final day for this KCW. I did cut out another dress for Alyssa, but not sure when I will finish it. All the different things suddenly caught up with me so I did not have time for sewing these last days. That's okay though because KCW will be happening every season from now on. So no pressure.

On day 4 of the KCW I made a sundress for Emma. She is the one who needs clothes the most. Isn't it always the case with the oldest child?


Pattern is from the Japanese book Happy Homemade Vol. 5. Size - 130cm. Fabric - cotton from my stash. As usual, Japanese patterns do not disappoint. This one was quite simple and looks very nice finished.

I am glad I participated again in KCW. Usually I am so productive during the Kids Clothing Week but this time around I had some things that disrupted me from being fully invested in it. Good thing there's always next time.

April 25, 2013

KCW: Day 3

I have been drooling over Citronille patterns for so long I cannot even remember when this obsession started. I had purchased a couple of their patterns while on my vacation in Paris. And have been meaning to use them since then but did not have the chance. KCW was a good time and excuse to dig that pattern out and work on it.


I am so glad I made this blouse. It is perfect in every way. I love how easy it was to put together. I was a little intimidated by not being able to understand the instructions but I shouldn't have. There were some drawings which helped a lot. So I went with the drawings while making it.


Pattern - Capucine by Citronille. Fabric - lightweight cotton from my stash. Size - 6 but I lengthened it by an inch as my kids are giants.

Emms was very excited about her new blouse that she wanted to wear it to school today. Good thing the weather today is absolutely beautiful so I let her do it.

April 23, 2013

KCW(C): Day 1 & 2

Yesterday started Kids Clothes Week for me (and for everybody else who's doing it). I was very excited about it until the last minute. Then I realized that we are having friends come over for almost a two week visit next week and that I should be getting my house in order instead. That and some other things slowed my sewing down. So I don't have anything finished to show for the Day 1. But I did finish it today after K's doctor's appointment, thus Day 1 & 2 progress.

Japanese Dress

The pattern of this dress is out of one of the many Japanese books that I owe. Usually I love Japanese instructions as they are very clear because of all the drawings in them. But this book is like a comic book with no instructions. So I had a pattern and kind of went to town with it. Maybe that's why it took me longer as I love detailed instructions. Size - 90cm.

The fabric is from my beloved un-ending stash. (And, yes, I do have that much fabric. I am pretty much a fabric hoarder.) As much as I like the fabric color and polka dots, I really disliked how it behaved when ironed. You can still see all the wrinkles and, I promise, I did iron it many times.

Sorry, there will be no picture of K wearing it because she got shots today while at the doctor's and not in the mood for modeling.

April 13, 2013

Good Idea But Not So Good In Life

I've been a little absent from the blog lately. Not because I am not sewing. I was working on a lengthy assembly line project. With our foreign service life we are pretty much all given the same furniture all over the world. Some people choose to bring their own furniture with them, but we did not have much at the moment we started this nomadic kind of life, so we went with the standard state department furniture. Which is not that bad but it wasn't purchased with the little kids in mind. It is not as wipe-able as I would like it to be. The dining chairs get the most wear and tear with our kids. So I got an idea that I could make some chair covers that would be washable.

Well, it took me a month to finish covers for all eight chairs we have. It didn't help when I decided to add a water resistant layer and had to order and wait for the fabric to get here. It took me a couple of hours to figure out the pattern and make the first cover.


After that it all went like an assembly line. I was getting a little tired of sewing the same things over and over. Then I finally finished them all and sighed with relief. Hopefully I will never have to do it again. Too tedious.


I made two different types of corners. Not because I wanted to see how many corner types I can come up with BUT because I had limited fabric amount. First type consists of three valance (what do you call the bottom strip of a chair cover?) pieces and little tiny one in between of them.


The second one is just one long piece with two pleats at the corners. They kind of looked wacky so I had to sew little tacks to keep them together which looks a little better.

So after I put them on the chairs I got quite disappointed with them. As they look nice on individual chair, they look a little weird when all together on eight chairs. I don't even know how to explain the feelings I have about them. It just doesn't look as good as I wish it did. I would rather get some chairs that are easy to wipe but for a couple of reasons we cannot do that right now so I will have to endure this ugliness for another couple of years. Or if they bug me too much I will just take them off and Matt would have to go back to cleaning the chairs every week.

In other news I am getting ready for the KCW. It is happening in a week so I better be ready by then. Last time I was not prepared and it was not as enjoyable as I wish it was.

March 19, 2013

April 22 - 29

With spring comes the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Now the challenge is dropped but the week stays. :) And Elsie Marley changed it from being twice a year to being every season. Woot! Now I won't stress out if I don't sew as much as I want in one week. And I don't have to wait for a half a year for another KCW.

So now with all the good news I should start planning what to make for the girls and start getting everything ready. Cannot wait!

March 4, 2013

Duck Soup Jacket

I have no idea why this jacket was named Duck Soup but I liked the pattern and had to make it for one of my children. And who wants to knit a big jacket for a six year old when you can make one for a two year old? So I got my yarn and started working on it in October. Yes, you read it right. October.

Duck Soup Jacket

The pattern is easy and not complicated at all. It's worked from top and is all one piece. But it took me five months to finish it. The thing is that I ran out of yarn. Twice. Ha. Living overseas makes everything a little more complicated. I had to order online and wait for a month. Twice.

Duck Soup Jacket

So I finally finished knitting the jacket and all I had left was making toggles. I looked outside my window and saw it was Christmas and too cold to wear the jacket. I put it away and decided to finish it later.

Duck Soup Jacket

Last week the weather became very nice and warm. I suddenly remembered about the unfinished Duck Soup jacket. Finally I made myself sit down and finish the toggles and sew them in place. That took me an hour. Talk about procrastination.

Duck Soup Jacket

I am very glad I finished it though. It looks very cute on and Katelyn seems to like it a lot. It is a little on the short side. I should get used to the idea that all the things I make are short for my kids and just start making adjustments. XXL for extra extra long.