January 3, 2014


Is it really 2014 already? It feels like we just started year 2013 last month. Happy New Year! I hope it brings you (and me) all the best and lots of crafty time.

Every year I think that Christmas gifts for my girls should be handmade by me. But then I realize that I have too many kids to start making those gifts far in advance in the year to be able to finish it all by December. This last Christmas I had a great idea to give K a Waldorf doll. I've been in love with these dolls for quite some time but never tried making one yet. And I did not make one. Ha. I bought an unfinished one (without hair and clothes) from an Etsy store and started working on it.

2014 01 02 0003

It turned out a bigger project than I thought it would be.


I forgot that I don't have a sewing machine here in London. I had to make all the clothes by hand. I never even thought of how much work it is. And let me tell ya, it ain't easy nor fast.


I actually liked making little doll clothes. But at the same time thought of how much faster and nicer it would be if I had some elves to help me my sewing machine.


I also bought a cute fabric suitcase to hold the dolly and her clothes. She fits in it quite nicely.


When K opened it she did not show much excitement and my heart fell. I thought, "That is why I don't make handmade gifts for my children". But then after all the craziness of the Christmas morning and opening gifts she started playing with it. I was very happy to see her playing with the doll and walking around with her suitcase. I think she might be a little too young for a doll like that but I just couldn't wait any longer to make a Waldorf doll (even if it was just partly). Too bad my other girls don't play with dolls.

Oh, and I got a little blog award from the Green Eyed Oriole blog which is kind of nice. Thank you, Anastasia, for giving it to me!