February 2, 2011

If You’re Sick

Then Dr. DoLittle will come to help you out. She’ll take your temperature, listen to your lungs and maybe make some tea with honey.


I had to make dress up clothes for the kids in Emma’s preschool. I am honored that I was asked but annoyed that teachers don’t really give me time to do it. It’s like they ask one day and in a day they ask me if it can be done by tomorrow. I guess none of them sews and so they don’t know that the process of sewing takes time. That aside I did enjoy making this little doctor outfit. It turned out just perfect for Emma and good thing all the kids are either smaller than her or the same size (I feel bad for the one big girl in her class as she’ll have to be a nurse all the time as she won’t fit into this jacket).

I got the pattern from one of my many Japanese books but lengthened it a little. It was quite easy to put together and maybe I’ll make a real jacket out of it someday for Emm’s.


We also have a nurse who will be happy to give you a painkiller aka candy and will try to make you feel better. She’s a good nurse.

Notice the thing on Emma’s upper lip. The night before poor thing was wacked by her little sister. The weapon – my cell phone. There was a lot of blood and there will probably be a little scar left. I guess everyone learned the lesson to not stand in the way of our little Alyssa.