March 22, 2012


I am so excited about this one. I've been longingly watching it every year and drooling over every creation but never had a chance to participate. I mean I had a chance but always had some other things interfering like pregnancy/tiny baby, moving, sewing machine in the storage or too much whining from the kids. Now I think I have the perfect opportunity to do it. It's now or never! :)

Emma needs some new clothes for summer and I am ready to tackle it. I am sure I will make something for Kate and Alyssa too. Alyssa is a fan of my sewing so I will be happy to do it for her. Katelyn needs some summer things too so this is the perfect timing for the sewing. I better start deciding what I want to make for them.

The rules are to do something sewing or knitting related every day for at least an hour. That's easy. I will probably trace and cut out some patterns before the KCWC week so I can just sew every day instead of spending precious time on prep work.

You can see I am pretty giddy about this event. Let's hope it goes well and doesn't end up being a disaster that makes me feel all overwhelmed and heartbroken because I was trying to do too much in one week.

March 20, 2012

Thank You :)

Gaylene, this goes to you. Thanks for checking this blog often and leaving comments. You make me feel like I do really accomplish something in this crazy life with three kids and not much time on my hands.


My sister-in-law Gaylene at Unwritten was nice enough to give me an award!! I feel so honored. I have nobody to give this award to but I will still give some fun facts about me.

1. When I was in school I had a music teacher bug me about going to her choir because she liked my singing voice. She even went to my mother asking her to make me join her choir.

2. Once for the New Year's my brother and I made my mom handmade gifts. My gift was a knitted scarf, my brother (whom I taught how to knit a day before that) decided that he did not have time for a scarf so he made her a knitted square with embroidered words on it. My mom still thinks the ugly and short scarf is from my brother and my talent of knitting came out when I made this beautiful "work of art" knitted square. I keep trying to prove her wrong.

3. I have a bad habit of twirling my hair in one spot and the patch of my hair in this spot has weird texture now being all coarse and curly. Weird, huh?

4. I cannot stand wearing socks inside if I am not wearing my shoes.

5. I went to Belgium when I was 15 years old with a student exchange program from my school. I spent a month and a half there going to school and living an 'ordinary' life with some stranger family I never met before.

So here you have it. Thanks again, Gaylene! You made my month! :)And here's a sneak peak of something I've been working on last week (or more like weekend). My friend is due on April 4th with a baby boy and I wanted to make her something. I will show the full thing when I ship it off and it's not a secret anymore.


March 6, 2012

On a Roll

I seem to be on a roll these days. I finished another little thing. It is a little knitted raglan tee. I made it for Katelyn this time. DSC_0008 I used this Immie Tee pattern from Ravelry. I fell in love with it when I saw it on somebody else's blog. I had perfect yarn for this tee and started right away. The central part is so pretty that I cannot stop looking at it. DSC_0008 I think Katelyn likes it. DSC_0008

March 3, 2012

Emma's PJ's

I sat for five minutes thinking of a smart name for the post but could not come up with anything. So I'd rather show you the pajamas I made for Emma. She is the only child who actually needs new clothes. She is growing out of her 5T clothes and I find myself not really liking what's in the market for girls older than 5 years old. It seems to be all too grown up. So I decided that I can slowly make stuff for her. But we'll see how it goes. Store bought pajamas are usually cute for any age but I thought it would be nice to get a pattern and then make as many as I want. BUT it turns out that making clothes for older girls is so much more expensive. For example, to make pajamas for a 5/6 year old you need approx. 3 yards of fabric. If you buy fabric without any discount it would cost you $8x3=$24, plus the buttons. I was lucky to score this flannel on one of JoAnn's sales for $2.50/yard and I already had buttons. So it cost me $7.50 to make these PJs. Awesome! DSC_0008 It is hard to make things for Emma as she is quite sensitive to clothing. It seems like everything is itchy and scratchy these days. So the first thing she said when she put the PJ's on was 'Mom, it's not itchy!!!' Great! PJ I used this Oliver + S pattern. I love Oliver + S patterns. They go so easily and without a glitch. Her instructions are great and very easy to follow. There is an option to make these PJ's with ruffles but i decided it would be too much work. So I went with an easy option. PJ All in all great pattern and I will be making many more pajamas for Emma with this pattern. I already have another 3 yards of flannel waiting for me to cut into. Too bad it's getting warmer and warmer and soon I'll have to make summer versions of stuff.