January 27, 2013

On The Roll

It is me who's on the roll. I keep sewing and knitting like a crazy person over here. Maybe winter is to blame. I get super crafty during winters. I was working on another Geranium Dress this time for Katelyn. For some reason in the middle of it I decide to sew another thing for her. So I made her a peasant shirt.

Peasant Shirt

The pattern is from the book Intemporels Pour Bebe. This is my first thing made from the book. It is in French and good thing I took French in school, because the book lacks illustrations. And explanations too. The author just listed things that need to be done in numbered sequence.

I made size 2T but as always it seems a little short. I am telling you, my kids are gigantic. The fabric is from Ikea.

And now I need to go make that Geranium Dress that I started. :)

January 22, 2013

Party Dress

Approximately two weeks ago as I was sewing something Alyssa came to me and said:"Is this my 'party dress'?" Sadly, it wasn't. So I promised her that as soon as I finished whatever I was working on I would make her a dress for her birthday. So every day after that she'd come up to me and ask the same question:"Is this my 'party dress'?"

Alyssa picked out the fabric, Matt picked out the pattern. All the decisions were made for me and I got to work.

Peplum Bubble Dress The pattern is a darling Peplum Bubble dress from the StraightGrain blog. The dress was very easy to make and it took me around two hours to make. I stumbled upon a problem when I didn't find an invisible zipper long enough in my stash. So I had to make it work with a tiny little zipper. Oh well. It worked. Also, the bodice came out a little long so I had to rip it off and cut of an inch and sew it to the skirt again.

She loves it and I love her in it! Win win. And I made it right on time - she turned four today! :)

January 15, 2013

Yet Again

Emma grew out of her pj's. I haven't bought any for her for over a year now. I keep making them or using a random shirt/pants combinations. I've been meaning to make pajamas for every child before Christmas, but it never works out the way I plan it. Sooo… I cut out these couple weeks before Christmas. And only got to them a week ago. Yay on finishing things!

Sleepover PJ's

Yet again Sleepover PJ's pattern by Oliver+s. I keep returning to this pattern and the sewing part gets easier and easier with each time I make these. Made size 6 hoping they will last till next Christmas. I am sure I will be making more pj's for this girl as the summer rolls in but she's set for now. Used some flannel I had in my stash that I bought five years ago at a Black Friday event at JoAnn's. Crazy, huh?

Sleepover PJ's

We've reached a point when it is not enough to have two yards of fabric to make things for Emma. Sadly, I realized this when I was cutting out the pj's. I had to sew a random piece to a sleeve to make it work. You can see it on her left sleeve. So from now on I should hoard more fabric make sure to buy enough yardage to make things for Ems.

And I am leaving you with this staged picture of Emma in her new pajamas. That is how she thinks things need to be modeled. With a flower and a purse.

Sleepover PJ's

January 2, 2013

Last of 2012

My friend had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago and I just could not decide on what to make for her as a gift. I love making tiny little clothes as gifts. I have a lot of neat patterns for babies but I just wasn't excited about them. Then Rae announced her new Geranium Dress pattern. I was smitten. I bought it on a spot and have so many plans with it in mind. Each of my girls need a dress like this.

So with this dress came my inspiration to sew after a month of drought. I got to work and came out with this little cute dress.

Baby Geranium

Made in size 0-3 months. It was very easy to sew. The bodice part is lined so it would not be irritating for the baby. I also did french seams on the sides for the same reason. Too bad the neckline notch is hard to see on this picture but there is one and it adds a little charm to the dress.

Baby Geranium

At the back I decided to go with snaps so the baby wouldn't mind laying down in the dress as that's how babies spend their first months pretty much.

I think it turned out very cute. I am happy with the pattern and as I said before I will be making many more of these dresses for my girls and as gifts. The pattern has many options and very versatile.