January 22, 2013

Party Dress

Approximately two weeks ago as I was sewing something Alyssa came to me and said:"Is this my 'party dress'?" Sadly, it wasn't. So I promised her that as soon as I finished whatever I was working on I would make her a dress for her birthday. So every day after that she'd come up to me and ask the same question:"Is this my 'party dress'?"

Alyssa picked out the fabric, Matt picked out the pattern. All the decisions were made for me and I got to work.

Peplum Bubble Dress The pattern is a darling Peplum Bubble dress from the StraightGrain blog. The dress was very easy to make and it took me around two hours to make. I stumbled upon a problem when I didn't find an invisible zipper long enough in my stash. So I had to make it work with a tiny little zipper. Oh well. It worked. Also, the bodice came out a little long so I had to rip it off and cut of an inch and sew it to the skirt again.

She loves it and I love her in it! Win win. And I made it right on time - she turned four today! :)


  1. Waw, so lovely! Great fabric choice!

  2. I love this story and the dress <3

  3. Happy Birthday Leelee! Great dress (and I love the fabric).