November 9, 2011

Lollipops and Flowers

Oct 023Alyssa was lucky enough to get a new shirt a month ago. I was making a shirt for one of my nieces and couldn't decide on which pattern to use. I ended up making two shirts - one for Alyssa and one for my niece. Good thing they are the same age. I love the colorful circles on the shirt and Alyssa seems to like it too. She calls it her lollipop shirt. DSC_0008I decided to mismatch buttons because of all those colorful circles all over the shirt. The pattern is from some Japanese book/magazine. As usual it was very easy to sew. It only took me two evenings - one to cut the pattern pieces out and one for sewing. Yay for projects like that!Another shirt - Flowers - I made for my niece. It was a little harder to make as it had more details. The pattern was from Ottobre Magazine 4/2010 #23.Ottobre 4/2010 #23It turned out a little bit wide but it still looked great. I liked the pleats on the bodice but the fabric choice was not in their favor so they are hardly seen. I was a little bit confused by the front button placket but then figured it out after ripping it off once. Ottobre 4/2010 #23See, I still manage to make things here and there. The problem is that I don't have (or maybe don't want to find) time to take pictures and then post them here.