May 17, 2010


For some reason I have the hardest time coming up with the header. I always sit for a while thinking and end up using something boring. I guess that’s why I like math much better than writing.

I noticed that all Emma’s sunhats are too small for her. She always had a big head which still gets stuck going through a T-shirt and it still grows obviously.  As the summer is getting hotter and hotter I needed to either buy or make a hat for her. As I am going through a sewing phase I decided to make her one. The pattern is from one of the many Japanese books I own. I just love those books even if I don’t understand a thing out of them. But as long as I have a pattern and some illustrations on how to make a thing then I am good to go.


Emma chose the fabric. She said she likes apples and ABC’s. I like how it turned out and I like how it looks on her. It was pretty easy to sew but it took me longer than I would want it. All because of my procrastination.

So Emma is ready for her hot summer days outside. Now I need to finish the bonnet for Alyssa and we’re good to go. Did I tell you we’re leaving to Crimea next week? I can’t wait.

May 14, 2010


It’s time for some skirts. I love making skirts for the girls, because there are so many free patterns online for them. As well as I have a lot of patterns at home. Usually it takes half a yard of fabric to make a cute skirt and not longer than a couple of evenings. And do you know a little girl who doesn’t like a skirt? Even Emma who doesn’t care about what she wears cannot resist the charms of a cute skirt.

So here’s the first skirt. I made two of these – one for Emma and one for my friend’s little girl. The fabric is really light and it will be perfect for hot summer days. (Sorry for the ugly brown shelf… you’ll see a lot of it as I can’t find spray paint in Moscow)


The next one is the elastic waist skirt.  You can find the tutorial here (there is also a tutorial for the adult version of a skirt). It’s very easy to make and really fast too. I cheated and used my ruffler foot monster and ruffled up the skirt before attaching it to the elastic. I like how colorful the fabric is but disliked sewing with it because of the strips (you can see they don’t match up at the seam). But oh well, it still turned out really cute. I am thinking about making one like this for myself, using other fabric of course.


The third skirt is the most work I would say, but it is also the cutest. I guess you have to work harder to get better results. Have you ever been to Dana Made It blog? If not, then you should drop everything and go there. It’s one of those blogs that I check everyday to see what else Dana came up with and shared with us. She has so many adorable patterns and great ideas. Also I think that her blog is awesome because she has patterns for boys there too. I just think that it is hard to find free patterns for boys and when/if I have a boy I will have to look hard to find something cute and easy to sew for him. But lucky me, I have two girls who I can sew for right now and I really enjoy doing it. But let’s get back to the skirt. The tutorial for the Market Skirt you’ll find here. It was easy to sew, but it took me longer because it has pockets… with buttons. I hate making buttonholes.  But the result came out really cute and cheery.


All these skirts are made for my friend’s little girl and will go to Hawaii. Thus there are no pictures with modeling. Next post will be with some models for sure.

May 6, 2010

Fabric Ball


Have you ever made one of these? They are fast and easy to make and they are perfect for the baby shower presents. I also put a little bell inside so it makes a cute sound when shaken. 

I think I am going through a sewing phase right now. I made so many skirts lately that it’s a little bit crazy. I will be posting some pictures of the skirts over the weekend.

May 4, 2010

Challenge To Sew


Have you seen this challenge from Elsie Marley? I really like the idea, too bad I don’t really have time to take it this year. I love the idea of making summer wardrobe for kids out of the fabric stash I have. The only problem is that when I buy fabric I usually buy half yards, which is good for making skirts and small details.  So i will have to build my stash over the year and then take this challenge next year (if it’s still around).

Check out this blog. It has a ton of useful information and inspiration. So go and look around and I am sure you will find something for yourself there.

And here’s the peek into something I’ve been working on last week. I was inspired by this bonnet by Angry Chicken, and got an itch to make it right away. I had to come up with a pattern myself which turned out a little too big for Alyssa. I will have to tweak it a little bit more and hopefully it will be done by June. :)