May 4, 2010

Challenge To Sew


Have you seen this challenge from Elsie Marley? I really like the idea, too bad I don’t really have time to take it this year. I love the idea of making summer wardrobe for kids out of the fabric stash I have. The only problem is that when I buy fabric I usually buy half yards, which is good for making skirts and small details.  So i will have to build my stash over the year and then take this challenge next year (if it’s still around).

Check out this blog. It has a ton of useful information and inspiration. So go and look around and I am sure you will find something for yourself there.

And here’s the peek into something I’ve been working on last week. I was inspired by this bonnet by Angry Chicken, and got an itch to make it right away. I had to come up with a pattern myself which turned out a little too big for Alyssa. I will have to tweak it a little bit more and hopefully it will be done by June. :)


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