November 6, 2009

Tinkerbell Costume

Rejoice my English speaking friends, cause i will be posting in English again while my computer is on the airplane flying to Russia. But i am sure my craft blog doesn't really need any explanations, and i don't even write here often. Shame.
I am happy we had the chance to have a "real" Halloween this year. It was very fun and Emma really enjoyed it. She wanted to be a Tinkerbell this year. And Matt made me buy the pattern and make a costume. As i have never made a costume before i tried to resist, but looking at my daughter's big blue eyes i thought i'd give it a shot. I still think it's not worth it, cause too much work and fabric isn't that cheap these days. And it was quite "trashed" after the first outing - covered in huge stains, as we all know satin fabric stains even from water... and knowing Emma the destiny of this dress was predetermined right away. So that's why the dress on the picture is so not pretty looking... i had to wash it twice in between the parties and didn't have time to iron.
Emma still tells me that she's Tinkerbell and i think she liked dressing up and will remember this Halloween for a long time... or at least till all the candy is gone.

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