June 23, 2012

Ruffle Bum

Couple months ago I saw this post at Kelly's at Sewing in No Man's Land. I instantly fell in love with the Sun Suit. Isn't it adorable?

So I had to make it for one of my girls. I thought Emma would look funny in it and they don't offer her size. Alyssa wouldn't probably wear it as she likes dresses these days. So Katelyn it was.


It came together very quick and looks very adorable. Have you seen a person who can resist ruffles? I haven't yet. And obviously I am not one to even try to resist.

The pattern is by Little Lizard King (LLK) and the fabric is just some quilting cotton from JoAnn's. Perfect for summer and just makes me want to cuddle her for hours. She loves it too as you can tell from the picture.


And just look at all those ruffles before they run away! :)

June 22, 2012

Gift Dress

I've been taking a break from KCWC. And it seems like the break has gotten a little too long. I still sewed here and there but nothing major. It's summer, you know. We are spending our time at the pool and at the playground. I am slowly getting mentally ready for the next move which means I have to pack my sewing machine away and will not do any sewing for a while. I am not happy about that.

Today I have some time to share with you a dress I made for a friend's daughter. Our daughters were very good friends too and played so well together. But then my friend left to visit her family and we are leaving for Bulgaria before she comes back. I felt like I had to make something for her and settled on making a dress for her four year old daughter, M.

Ottobre 3/2012

It is a darling pattern from a new Ottobre magazine, 3/2012. I picked Lisette fabric because it's so light and flowy and I thought would be perfect for this dress. I was wrong. The fabric is a little too busy for it. The dress has very cute pintucks in the front and the back of the bodice and you cannot really see them because of all the dots on the fabric.

pintucks No matter what the dress turned out really well and I loved the end result. It is a perfect dress for a girl and I will be making it again for Alyssa or Emma.