July 6, 2012

Seashell Dress

It's this time of year again when each and every one of my friends is leaving to their new place of living and I am the one left behind. But let's not talk about this depressing part of my life and better talk about the darling dress I made.
One of my dear friends who left today is pregnant with her third baby and is expecting a girl. As usual I couldn't resist making something for the coming baby. They are moving to Hong Kong which means it's always pretty hot there so my choice fell on a cute dress.


The pattern is from Ottobre 3/2011. Fabric is Walk in the Woods from Moda Fabrics. Love those little birds sitting on their apples.
Last summer I made a little romper for my K from the same issue of Ottobre and it had the same upper part. So making it this time around wasn't new to me and came together very easy and fast. Considering the power outage that we had for more than three days, I had to finish the whole dress in two hours. So good thing I knew what I was doing.

And that's why I love making teeny tiny things. A lot of cuteness and not much time spent making it.