September 28, 2013


So I've hit my nesting phase. And I've hit it hard. Or maybe it hit me. I think it happened couple of weeks ago when I picked so many sewing/knitting projects that I won't be able to finish them for at least a year. Especially after the baby comes I will be crazed without sleep and swamped by other things. So in this my nesting phase I keep thinking that I will be able to accomplish all the projects I've picked in the next three/four months. Or at least I hope I'll get half of them done. A little too ambitious, don't you think?

So my first thing to show off is a little cardigan from Phildar magazine. It's knitted by parts and then sewn together at seams. I think I now prefer things that are made top down without any seams in one piece. But I had this pattern and decided to just follow it to the T.

Phildar Baby Cardi

As usual I finished it quite fast. I think it took me two/three days to make all the parts. But then my lazy me put it away and did not want to deal with sewing it together. Ugh. That's my least favorite part.
I made size 0-3 months so my babe will be able to wear it pretty much all winter. Yarn is original Phildar yarn from some Parisian shop I stopped at from my trip to Paris.

You'll be seeing lots more knitted things these days on this blog. I've been sewing too, but mostly cloth diapers and diaper related things and I am sure it won't interest you as much as little tiny clothing.

September 15, 2013

Cheery Undies

We are in the middle of K's potty training. I know it's foolish as we are having big changes ahead of us which will definitely send her back to accidents and diapers. But I just cannot not do anything while she has a tiny bit interest in being potty trained.

The second foolish thing (could be my pregnancy brain) I did was make undies for that purpose. We don't have Target or Walmart for that matter and the local undies aren't that cute. Also, I have something against Dora/princesses undies so I opted out of shipping some for K. So instead I made some.

Little Undies

Pattern is by That Darn Kat and I've had it for quite a while. I also made a couple of undies from this pattern for Alyssa when she was little and in my pre-serger era. I like the pattern a lot. The only thing I did not like about making the undies was the assembly line sewing. I just despise it for some reason. Size 2T. I just love how colorful and cheery they turned out.

So now to get K excited about wearing these and not to get upset when she poops has an accident in them. Maybe I should have gone with Dora undies after all so I wouldn't care about them as much. :)

September 6, 2013

Last of The Gift Sewing

Remember that season of gifts? Well, I have one more little thing to show. I had to make one more gift for a friend of mine who had her baby last winter and shamefully I got to the gift in June. Shame.

Little Goldfish Romper

I loved this romper from the first sight. I am in love with little baby boy rompers for some odd reason. And no boy to make a cute boy romper for. The pattern is Little Goldfish from Ottobre 3/2012. I don't remember the size I made but I think it was 64cm, which should fit a 6-9 month old baby. Hopefully, it fit the baby boy I made it for.

Little Goldfish Romper

The hardest part of the project for me was to pick fabric. I am so used to sewing for girls and as I noticed I only have girly fabric in my stash. I spent a couple of weeks deciding on which fabric to use. Decided on this light blue seersucker. I think it works very well with this pattern.

The pattern was easy to work with but I did have to re-read it in couple of places as I didn't get it right away. Such are Ottobre patterns. I think it turned out very cute and maybe wish a little I had a little boy running around in a romper like this.

September 5, 2013

Forgotten Dresses

Now I am playing catch-up with you, guys. I feel like I haven't made that much this summer. But I do have something to show. Nothing big, just little projects I could squeeze in here and there.
One of my friends here in Bulgaria gave me a ton of fabric she was going to use for a quilt backing but never did and asked me to make a dress for her daughter. She gave me that fabric in April. I put it aside and forgot about it.Then in June I stumbled upon it and felt quite embarrassed about my fleeting memory. So I decided to make two dresses out of that fabric instead of one just to make it all better. Ha.

Older Geranium

First one was a Geranium dress. I had to email Rae about it and bug her ask nicely to release the pattern's bigger sizes ASAP so I could start making the dress. The girl I sewed for is 11 years old but her mom asked me to make a 12 year old size. It took a lot of fabric! As I am always sewing for little kids I never think of how much fabric it takes when the kids get to be 6 and older. Then it gets to a scary amount of fabric.
Again, loved working with the is pattern. Just so easy and straightforward. I added a red little strip of fabric at the bodice for contrast.

Seashore Sundress

The second one is an Oliver +S Seashore Sundress. I've made it before for Emma and loved how it looked on her. So I decided to make one for the girl too. Pattern was a breeze just like all the Oliver+S patterns go. It took a little more work and time than the first dress but it was fun making it again.

To be completely honest I got so tired working with the same fabric. I still have a yard or so left of it and just don't have any desire to make anything out of it any more. Can you get tired of fabric?
Also, the girl is a complete tomboy so I am not even sure why her mom asked me to make dresses for her. I hope she liked them though and put them on at least once this summer.

Ruffles of My Summer

I've been lazy this summer. My family came for a visit and it was fabulous. I only went down to my sewing room once and it was because my little sister asked me to make her a skirt while she was here. Which I obliged to. I had no pattern and not much of ideas in my head as to how to make it. I just sat down with my sewing machine and started sewing. Good thing something came out of it. Cause it would be embarrassing if I ended up with some piece of ruffly cloth. Sewing without a pattern is a big deal for me. I am a huge pattern follower. So here's my end result.

Ruffly Skirt

I had a very vague idea on what I was making as my mom and sister were telling me about a skirt they saw on a picture somewhere. It turned out okay, but I am not completely happy with it. It could be better. If only I had instructions on how to make it. Ha.

Ruffly Skirt

Well, at least my sister liked it.