September 5, 2013

Forgotten Dresses

Now I am playing catch-up with you, guys. I feel like I haven't made that much this summer. But I do have something to show. Nothing big, just little projects I could squeeze in here and there.
One of my friends here in Bulgaria gave me a ton of fabric she was going to use for a quilt backing but never did and asked me to make a dress for her daughter. She gave me that fabric in April. I put it aside and forgot about it.Then in June I stumbled upon it and felt quite embarrassed about my fleeting memory. So I decided to make two dresses out of that fabric instead of one just to make it all better. Ha.

Older Geranium

First one was a Geranium dress. I had to email Rae about it and bug her ask nicely to release the pattern's bigger sizes ASAP so I could start making the dress. The girl I sewed for is 11 years old but her mom asked me to make a 12 year old size. It took a lot of fabric! As I am always sewing for little kids I never think of how much fabric it takes when the kids get to be 6 and older. Then it gets to a scary amount of fabric.
Again, loved working with the is pattern. Just so easy and straightforward. I added a red little strip of fabric at the bodice for contrast.

Seashore Sundress

The second one is an Oliver +S Seashore Sundress. I've made it before for Emma and loved how it looked on her. So I decided to make one for the girl too. Pattern was a breeze just like all the Oliver+S patterns go. It took a little more work and time than the first dress but it was fun making it again.

To be completely honest I got so tired working with the same fabric. I still have a yard or so left of it and just don't have any desire to make anything out of it any more. Can you get tired of fabric?
Also, the girl is a complete tomboy so I am not even sure why her mom asked me to make dresses for her. I hope she liked them though and put them on at least once this summer.

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