September 28, 2013


So I've hit my nesting phase. And I've hit it hard. Or maybe it hit me. I think it happened couple of weeks ago when I picked so many sewing/knitting projects that I won't be able to finish them for at least a year. Especially after the baby comes I will be crazed without sleep and swamped by other things. So in this my nesting phase I keep thinking that I will be able to accomplish all the projects I've picked in the next three/four months. Or at least I hope I'll get half of them done. A little too ambitious, don't you think?

So my first thing to show off is a little cardigan from Phildar magazine. It's knitted by parts and then sewn together at seams. I think I now prefer things that are made top down without any seams in one piece. But I had this pattern and decided to just follow it to the T.

Phildar Baby Cardi

As usual I finished it quite fast. I think it took me two/three days to make all the parts. But then my lazy me put it away and did not want to deal with sewing it together. Ugh. That's my least favorite part.
I made size 0-3 months so my babe will be able to wear it pretty much all winter. Yarn is original Phildar yarn from some Parisian shop I stopped at from my trip to Paris.

You'll be seeing lots more knitted things these days on this blog. I've been sewing too, but mostly cloth diapers and diaper related things and I am sure it won't interest you as much as little tiny clothing.


  1. Beautiful. Can I get one in my size? ;)

  2. It is beautiful. I love little baby sweaters. I always say I am only going to knit seamless items from now on and then one that needs to be sewn up slides in. I don't know why I dislike sewing up knit items so much since I love sewing clothes. I would l love to see your baby sewn items too. You always pick such beautiful fabric.