September 15, 2013

Cheery Undies

We are in the middle of K's potty training. I know it's foolish as we are having big changes ahead of us which will definitely send her back to accidents and diapers. But I just cannot not do anything while she has a tiny bit interest in being potty trained.

The second foolish thing (could be my pregnancy brain) I did was make undies for that purpose. We don't have Target or Walmart for that matter and the local undies aren't that cute. Also, I have something against Dora/princesses undies so I opted out of shipping some for K. So instead I made some.

Little Undies

Pattern is by That Darn Kat and I've had it for quite a while. I also made a couple of undies from this pattern for Alyssa when she was little and in my pre-serger era. I like the pattern a lot. The only thing I did not like about making the undies was the assembly line sewing. I just despise it for some reason. Size 2T. I just love how colorful and cheery they turned out.

So now to get K excited about wearing these and not to get upset when she poops has an accident in them. Maybe I should have gone with Dora undies after all so I wouldn't care about them as much. :)


  1. Those are fabulous. I'd love to make my kids their underpants someday. If you put those messy undies in the wash right away, they shouldn't stain. My sons has had plenty of accidents.

    1. Thanks for the advice, Christine! Will have to try that. And if you end up making some underwear for your kids, this pattern is fabulous and super easy.

  2. I've never seen homemade undies before -- they are too cute!