June 24, 2013

Gifting Season

There is time in a year when everybody surrounding you more than a couple of my friends have babies. I try to make things in advance but this year everything seemed to roll on to me and I fell behind. By the time I sent off the gifts the babies were already 3-4 months old. I am getting slow and lazy.


My friend likes to dress up her boys into handsome things and so I made this Prudent Baby vest but just scaled it down a little. The tutorial was pretty straightforward and took me not more than an hour to make it. I paired it with the floppy tie onesie. Tutorial from here. I also made some bandana bibs but did not take a picture of those.

Baby Boy Gift #2

Then another friend had a baby and I started making another gift. This time I made the cardigan onesie. I saw them popping up on Pinterest and thought they were adorable. As I don't have any boys I decided to try my hand on one for a friend's baby boy. I used this tutorial. It was a great tutorial and the project went quite fast. To add to that onesie I made some interchangeable bow ties. I drafted my own pattern as I couldn't find a baby sized bow tie that kind of looks like it was tied.

Baby Boy Gift #2

Oh, and I threw some bandana bibs in there too. I really like how these bandana bibs look on baby boys. And they should be pretty practical when the baby starts drooling.
I am also finishing another baby boy gift for another friend of mine but cannot show it yet as she does read this blog. Masha, just so you know you will be getting some bandana bibs along with another thing. And I really hope I'm done before G turns 10 years old.


  1. Aww, thanks. It's all so cute. I really like the cardigan onesie - I have a friend expecting a boy in a couple months and I think I will make that for her!

  2. TOO CUTE. Now I need to have a baby boy so you can make him that cute cardi and tie ;)

    1. Gaylene, now you MUST have a baby boy and i'll sew clothes for him! :)

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