May 17, 2010


For some reason I have the hardest time coming up with the header. I always sit for a while thinking and end up using something boring. I guess that’s why I like math much better than writing.

I noticed that all Emma’s sunhats are too small for her. She always had a big head which still gets stuck going through a T-shirt and it still grows obviously.  As the summer is getting hotter and hotter I needed to either buy or make a hat for her. As I am going through a sewing phase I decided to make her one. The pattern is from one of the many Japanese books I own. I just love those books even if I don’t understand a thing out of them. But as long as I have a pattern and some illustrations on how to make a thing then I am good to go.


Emma chose the fabric. She said she likes apples and ABC’s. I like how it turned out and I like how it looks on her. It was pretty easy to sew but it took me longer than I would want it. All because of my procrastination.

So Emma is ready for her hot summer days outside. Now I need to finish the bonnet for Alyssa and we’re good to go. Did I tell you we’re leaving to Crimea next week? I can’t wait.


  1. That is seriously the cutest thing I have seen! Can you make a boys one for Jer? :)

  2. Suzy, sure, i will make one for Jeremy as soon as i come home from Crimea. Can you measure his head for me?

  3. I don't know if there is a tape measure big enough :).

  4. Seriously.... so cute Dasha!! I love it!