July 2, 2010

Did you miss me?

I am back from a much needed vacation. I did not do a craft related thing while on vacation, mainly because I had no time to do anything there but run after kids. I am back though with a long list of things I need to make. The only problem is that I have to study these days, so I will be showing up here very sporadically till September. And then I hope I’ll have more time on my hands to do what I like and what relaxes me.

Remember this post about the unfinished bonnet for Alyssa? Well, I finished it but it was weird and too short, so I had to make some changes to my pattern and make another bonnet.

May_384 May_385

It turned out really cute. A little bit big for Alyssa’s small head, but I hope it will still fit her next summer. The only problem is that she hates it. What is with my girls that they hate everything I make for them? I think Alyssa doesn’t like the tying option of the bonnet.  So every time I tie the ribbon under her chin she starts freaking out and tries to rip the bonnet off her head. I still think girls look adorable in little bonnets.

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