July 4, 2010

In Need of Advice…

So, guys (which means Rachel and Suzy cause you’re the only ones reading this blog), I made something for myself for the first time. And I had this vision that it would be a cute peasant top with flowy sleeves, but the fabric is a little bit stiff for the flowy part of the plan. And now I have this:


Is it me or the sleeves look weird? Because to me they look like bat wings… short bat wings. So there are two options to fix this. First one is to just insert the elastic in the casing and call it done. The second one is to shorten the sleeves a little bit and then insert the elastic, so the sleeves would be short.

Otherwise, I am loving this fabric that I got from one Russian fabric store. It is perfect for summer. It’s 100% cotton and very light and I love polka dots. I got the pattern from some Japanese book where I had to build the pattern myself from the given measurements. It was fun and gave me some exercise for my poor old brain.

So help me decide on those sleeves, please, because I am itching to put this top on and go try it out :)


  1. I think it looks cute as it is but if you are going to change it - I vote for shorter sleeves. I like cap sleeves on shirts.

  2. I don't know... that is a tough one. I say put the elastic in first and leave the sleaves the length they are. If it looks ugly.... take it out and shorten them. :) haha. Not much help. Sorry. :)

  3. Forgot to mention - I love the model look in your pic too :)