July 11, 2010

Linen Shorts for Hot Summer

Forgot to show these shorts. I made them before we left on vacation, so long time ago. They turned out a little wonky and weird because I made them out of Russian linen that kind of looks like denim. Weird, right? It is quite stiff when you wash+press them.

However, I loved making these shorts. Pattern is from another Japanese book (told you I have a lot of them), made in 110cm. They fit nicely, but they have a high waist so if I don’t pull them up they hang at the crotch area (as seen on the pic#2). I still love them and sure hope Emma starts wearing them more often.

May_076 May_084

And I still haven’t had time for my polka dots shirt. Boohoo… I either procrastinate or study, so I haven’t had much time to sew anything lately. But I will probably end up making my sleeves a little shorter and putting elastic so they’re gathered too.

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