August 10, 2010

Ruffle Fun

My latest project are these cute pettiskirts. Love how they turned out, hated making them. Even with a ruffler I had a hard time making these skirts. Ruffler damaged two needle clamps on my machine and made my life miserable. But I was not going to go to a no ruffler option because it seems to be too much work. If you don’t know what a ruffler is you should check it out on Google. It’s a scary looking gadget, but once you figure it out you can’t live without it.

Back to the skirts. I don’t know how people make them for a living.  I made three in a week and a half and was so sick of them by the end of the third skirt. Too much fabric, too many ruffles. But the end result is adorable that is why I kept going.


Picture is courtesy of my brother Tim

As usual I spent a lot of time procrastinating researching the tutorials online and then took a little bit out of each one. Mostly I returned to this tutorial while sewing. It is very detailed and has lots of pictures.


  1. Hey I check your blog too! (This is Rachel's friend Jen from Provo) Rachel has it listed on her blog, so I can check it. I love these skirts and I have wanted to try them for my girls. As far as the shirt, I would try the elastic in the sleeves. Good luck

  2. :) Thanks Jen for your comment! I already put the elastic into my shirt but haven't had time to take a picture and post it yet. And you should totally make skirts like this for your girls! I think every girl needs one of these :)

  3. Dasha, you are amazing!!! Will you sew some clothes for me?

  4. How funny - I made one like this and was sick of it too!!!