March 22, 2012


I am so excited about this one. I've been longingly watching it every year and drooling over every creation but never had a chance to participate. I mean I had a chance but always had some other things interfering like pregnancy/tiny baby, moving, sewing machine in the storage or too much whining from the kids. Now I think I have the perfect opportunity to do it. It's now or never! :)

Emma needs some new clothes for summer and I am ready to tackle it. I am sure I will make something for Kate and Alyssa too. Alyssa is a fan of my sewing so I will be happy to do it for her. Katelyn needs some summer things too so this is the perfect timing for the sewing. I better start deciding what I want to make for them.

The rules are to do something sewing or knitting related every day for at least an hour. That's easy. I will probably trace and cut out some patterns before the KCWC week so I can just sew every day instead of spending precious time on prep work.

You can see I am pretty giddy about this event. Let's hope it goes well and doesn't end up being a disaster that makes me feel all overwhelmed and heartbroken because I was trying to do too much in one week.


  1. The worst that could happen is you don't do it every day. But no matter what, you'll be doing something you love, and that's so cool!
    Yay! take lots of pictures!

  2. Awesome - I am planning to do this, too! Then I will have to pack up my machine to get the house ready for the move.