March 3, 2012

Emma's PJ's

I sat for five minutes thinking of a smart name for the post but could not come up with anything. So I'd rather show you the pajamas I made for Emma. She is the only child who actually needs new clothes. She is growing out of her 5T clothes and I find myself not really liking what's in the market for girls older than 5 years old. It seems to be all too grown up. So I decided that I can slowly make stuff for her. But we'll see how it goes. Store bought pajamas are usually cute for any age but I thought it would be nice to get a pattern and then make as many as I want. BUT it turns out that making clothes for older girls is so much more expensive. For example, to make pajamas for a 5/6 year old you need approx. 3 yards of fabric. If you buy fabric without any discount it would cost you $8x3=$24, plus the buttons. I was lucky to score this flannel on one of JoAnn's sales for $2.50/yard and I already had buttons. So it cost me $7.50 to make these PJs. Awesome! DSC_0008 It is hard to make things for Emma as she is quite sensitive to clothing. It seems like everything is itchy and scratchy these days. So the first thing she said when she put the PJ's on was 'Mom, it's not itchy!!!' Great! PJ I used this Oliver + S pattern. I love Oliver + S patterns. They go so easily and without a glitch. Her instructions are great and very easy to follow. There is an option to make these PJ's with ruffles but i decided it would be too much work. So I went with an easy option. PJ All in all great pattern and I will be making many more pajamas for Emma with this pattern. I already have another 3 yards of flannel waiting for me to cut into. Too bad it's getting warmer and warmer and soon I'll have to make summer versions of stuff.

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  1. Amazing. I love the pattern, and the fabric, and the cute girl. and yay! they aren't itchy :)