November 10, 2013

Wish These Worked

I brought some pictures with me of what I have been working on for the last couple of months. So you won't see any freshly made stuff here for now as I am away from my sewing machine. But I will be blogging about the things I made before I left.

So first on my list are the training pants I made for Katelyn. I actually purchased this Tinkle Time Trainers pattern long time ago as I planned to make some trainers for Alyssa to use at night when she was potty training. Crazy how long ago it was. Then I never got to it as I was away from my sewing machine at that time too being pregnant with Katelyn. And Alyssa got potty trained very fast and wore usual undies even at night.

Training Pants

This time around potty training proved a little more challenging so I dug my pattern out to make some trainers for K. I was a little sad to discover that I only had instructions part and could not locate my pattern pieces pdf. Good thing I had one trainer cut out already laying around so I just cloned it. I made four of these. All with a pocket inside so I can stuff different inserts in there. I don't like the pocket option though and if I make more I'll just sew the soaker into it. I think it would be easier to deal with them that way. The pattern was easy to follow and the fit is alright.

My only wish is that they magically potty train K. Ha. She's actually is very good about going #1 into the toilet and telling us when she needs to go. But #2 is going to take a loooong time. Ugh. Any tips on how to teach them to ask before they go #2 in their pants? :)


  1. Those are so cute!!!!! I wish I had tips for number 2 but I don't. My son had a hard time with it as well. He is four now and is fine but it took a while.

  2. I still say there needs to be some kind of potty school we could send our kids off to to get potty trained... but the undies are cute!

  3. I just made my kids drink some prune juice to prevent them from being constipated when potty training. Heavens know they can hold it in FOREVER! lol! Good luck!

  4. We are having the same problem with Z and #2. She has been fully potty trained for #1 for a few months now, but she refuses to poop in the toilet. She has actually changed her body's #2 schedule - she waits until night time when she is in a diaper and goes then. It is very frustrating, especially when she cries because her tummy hurts :( (Cute trainers, btw).