October 19, 2013

Purple Phildar Tunic

I've been making things for little ones for a while and kind of neglecting my oldest child. So one day I decided to make E something and my eye fell on the tunic with cables from the Phildar magazine. The reason I don't make stuff for her as often anymore is that she's getting big and it takes more time and more yarn to knit something for her. She doesn't really complain, but when I told her I'd make something for her she was very happy.

Phildar Tunic

I showed the picture of the tunic I wanted to make for her and told her to pick any color she wanted it to be. She decided that she wanted a purple tunic. I was a little surprised as my girls usually pick pink for pretty much everything.

Phildar Tunic

I decided that I did not want to deal with sewing the seams after it's finished and knitted it from the top down. I did make a couple mistakes and not quite satisfied with how it turned out but it doesn't look too bad. I think I made a size 8 but it's hard to tell as I did not really follow a pattern. But it looks like it will fit her for a while.

Phildar Tunic

I used "local" yarn - Alize LanaGold. I bought it from some yarn store in Sofia. I think it's turkish though. It is surprisingly nice yarn. It knits well and holds cables even better. I had to go back to that store and buy more yarn so I can make more stuff while we're gone. Oh, and did I say it's also cheap? Win/win.
But let's get back to the tunic. Emma loves it and is asking me to wear it every day. It's too nice out though for her to wear a sweater (because it is a sweater, really). So we are waiting for the colder weather over here.

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