April 23, 2013

KCW(C): Day 1 & 2

Yesterday started Kids Clothes Week for me (and for everybody else who's doing it). I was very excited about it until the last minute. Then I realized that we are having friends come over for almost a two week visit next week and that I should be getting my house in order instead. That and some other things slowed my sewing down. So I don't have anything finished to show for the Day 1. But I did finish it today after K's doctor's appointment, thus Day 1 & 2 progress.

Japanese Dress

The pattern of this dress is out of one of the many Japanese books that I owe. Usually I love Japanese instructions as they are very clear because of all the drawings in them. But this book is like a comic book with no instructions. So I had a pattern and kind of went to town with it. Maybe that's why it took me longer as I love detailed instructions. Size - 90cm.

The fabric is from my beloved un-ending stash. (And, yes, I do have that much fabric. I am pretty much a fabric hoarder.) As much as I like the fabric color and polka dots, I really disliked how it behaved when ironed. You can still see all the wrinkles and, I promise, I did iron it many times.

Sorry, there will be no picture of K wearing it because she got shots today while at the doctor's and not in the mood for modeling.


  1. It;s adorable! I find the idea of a Japanese pattern book very intimidating but you make such cute stuff from them that maybe I ought to try it. Where do you buy yours? (I still haven't finished anything, btw).

    1. This might be the only thing for me this week. :(
      But yeah, Japanese books are very nice. They usually have very nice diagrams. You can buy one and try it out and see if you like them. This lady had a good series about sewing from Japanese books - http://youandmie.com/2013/03/12/announcing-the-japanese-sewing-book-series/ if you want to check that out. I usually buy them from YesAsia.com (find a book you like and do a search either by name or an ISBN #) or there are a lot of the books you can buy on Etsy or Ebay. They are pricy but you get a lot of cute patterns at once not just one.
      Let me know if you still have questions.