October 11, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012: Day 1 & 2

I am still looking for my sewing mojo. Have you seen it?
I was tracing and cutting patterns like a mad woman for three days straight. I also got sick with a "head cold" (is that what they're called?) on Monday and had a massive headache that held me from doing anything. Then on Tuesday when I finally got to my sewing room I had weird distractions that kept me from sewing, like I could't find my bobbins, couldn't find fabric cut long enough for Emma's dress, couldn't get my buttonhole foot/option to work, etc. You see, when a mojo isn't there nothing goes as it's supposed to.

I do have something to show you. Project fail perhaps. Ha. You tell me. I wanted to refashion one of my old tops that was a little too tight and a little too short. I decided to make a little tunic for K. In my head it looked adorable. Not so much in reality.


Sorry for the wrinkled look. I tried everything to unwrinkle it but nothing works. I did iron it. Multiple times.


K likes the pocket. I had to put some jelly beans in there for her to stand in one place instead of running away from me.

The pattern is from one of my Japanese Books. I have no idea what the name is but it has a crawling little girl on the cover. Size 90cm. Because it was a refashion I used the existing bottom hem.

The project was easy and pretty fast. Will make it again but closer to summer so she can wear it without a shirt underneath it.


  1. Ha ha - I love that you put jellybeans in the pocket :) I think it's cute on her. I really like the facing and pocket fabric.