October 11, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012: Day 3

On the day 3 of KCWC I tackled another refashion project.

IMG 1626

These were my old AE pants. I liked them a lot but they were two sizes too big. I held on to them for pregnancies when my butt grows big and wide and I need bigger pants. I decided I cannot hold on to things and should just make something more useful out of them. Emma needed some transition pants. Her size 6 pants are too long and her size 5 are too short. I made these comfy but still good looking pants for just this purpose.


Because they are 'transition' pants I did not spend a lot of time on them. They have elastic waist and no pockets. It was late last night when I was making them and I decided not to spend more time than needed. She grows like a weed and these pants will probably last her a month or so. Also they are not very warm so when the weather gets colder they go into the warmer clothes storage case.
I still like how they turned out. And the most important thing is that she likes them.


  1. They look great! Hope your mojo returns. I'm having trouble with mine, too.

  2. so smart. and amazing that you can take adult pants and magically turn them into children's pants! And you're right, they grow so fast, who cares if they aren't perfect, they're still cute!