October 16, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012 Round Up

I am done! I am kind of glad it is over. As I said I wasn't in the mood for sewing and it is hard to do something when you don't really want to. I did make six things over the week and I am glad I did as Emma needed some new things.

KCWC Fall 2012

I was thinking about why it was so hard for me this time around and I found a couple of reasons. First, is that my sewing room is still not very organized and I really don't like when I cannot find things. Second, this time around I really only had an hour or so to sew after Matt would come home from work. Last spring I'd pick Matt up from his training at noon and I still had tons of energy to tackle my projects. Third, the availability of a craft store nearby. This one is a big one. When I planned what to make I jumped from thing to thing just because I didn't have enough fabric, right colored buttons or an invisible zipper. I am still looking for a craft store here in Bulgaria and even if I find one it won't be as close as it was in DC. Crafting overseas is hard.

On day seven of KCWC I started pajama pants for Emma but was too tired to finish them. So I don't know if I can actually count them as another item made for KCWC because it took me an hour to finish them on Monday.

KCWC Day 7

The pattern is from the Growing Up Sew Liberated book. I don't know if I was tired and made a mistake while tracing but the front of these pants looks a little weird. It "balloons" (sorry, forgot the right word) in front. Otherwise I like how it turned out and Emma was happy to have another pajama pants. She likes pajamas. :)

Oh, and I am proud of myself for using only my stashed stuff. I do have a lot of fabric and I promised myself that I would use most of it before we move again. But apparently I don't have enough things because it seems like most of the things I want to make require something I do not have. Or even better, all my fabric is half yard to one yard cuts which is not enough any more for my growing girls. Bummer.


  1. You were really productive during KCSC!

  2. Great job - it would be really hard to tell that you were not motivated. I have that Sew Liberated book too, but have not made anything out of it. I should go back and take another look.