April 27, 2012

KCWC Day Three: Ayashe Blouse

So for the Day Three of KCWC I decided to make Ayashe blouse. I've been seeing a lot of them lately on the blogosphere and all of the versions look very cute. I bought the pattern long time ago but put it away waiting for the perfect time. So when the KCWC rolled in I decided that this is the perfect time to make the blouse. I went with the short sleeved version with no strings at the neck or waist and no elastic at the waist. Just a simple and straightforward little blouse.


Pattern is by Figgy's. I also have her 'Tee for Two' pattern but haven't made it yet.
So this was my first time sewing something from Figgy's patterns. After Oliver + S patterns it was a wake up call that not all of the patterns created equal. The instructions were minimal and I had to re-read couple paragraphs more than five times to get what I was supposed to be doing. I had a hard time making the collar so I just winged it. I did it backwards first and so had to rip it out. Then I just somehow attached it to the blouse but I am not proud of it. I was too tired and frustrated to rip it out again and so I left it as it is… with ugly stitching and all. Thus I do not have a picture on the hanger because it looks quite bad inside of the blouse.

I made size 4/5 with 6/7 length added to it but as you can see it is still a little on the short side. Either Emma is too tall for this blouse or I did something wrong (which can really be true when considering I was a little frustrated).


  1. It looks great from here. I really like the floral fabric. And thanks for the heads up about the pattern - I think I won't try it anytime soon. O+S is spoiling me.

  2. We have an Ayashe Sew along on the blog if you need any extra help! :)

    Masha! Don't give up on Figgy's we've had a lot of positive reviews too. :)

  3. @Figgy's, thanks for the heads up for the sew along! My daughter loves the blouse and I will be making it again for sure. I will have more time to work on it and I hope it will go more smoothly the second time around.

    @Masha, don't give up on this pattern! I just had a hard day and it did not go that well. But it's a beautiful design and I will be making it again for Emma and Alyssa (and perhaps for K too)! and i just ordered another pattern from Figgy's new collection cause I couldn't resist :)

  4. The blouse is adorable! and so is the model :)
    When are you going to make a blouse for me?...

  5. I also meant to say: I love it and your daughter is a beautiful one!

  6. I am on my second Ayashe and am still have trouble with the collar. The first time I folded all edges of the collar to the wrong side and sewed it on kind of like bias. I found your blog looking for ideas on how to do the collar properly - since I am at that point.