May 2, 2011

The Array of Skirts

To keep myself sane and calm in the crazy times I have to find time for myself. When I find time for myself I just have to spend it all on crafting. Because that's something that helps me sort my thoughts out and helps me calm down and look at things from a different perspective. Maybe it's because I tend not to talk when I craft or maybe it's just calming repetitive things of the craft itself make me forget about stressful things. I have some other ways to relieve my stress - CHOCOLATE. Lots and lots of it. But agree with me crafting is much better... at least for my muffin tops. :) So here's the latest stuff I made. I have a huge line of unfinished projects waiting for me to finish but not enough time to do it. So I will have more pictures to show you in a day or so. I couldn't resist buying fabric and wanted to make something for my girlies. Emma loves skirts and so I thought it would be easy to just whip up a couple of skirts for them. DSC 0035 2 I made two of these easy skirts. Did not take a picture of Emma wearing it because I have to bribe her to do anything these days and did not feel like bribing that day. Her skirt is made from the same fabric but her ricrac is pink (obviously). DSC 0067 These two skirts were fun to make because they are different from the cupcake skirts and not as easy. So Alyssa's skirt is just two tiered skirt that I made without a pattern. Just winged it. I made a skirt like that for Emma a while ago and so recreated it from my memory for Alyssa. Emma's skirt was even more fun, because it has pockets. Why do little girls like having pockets so much? Have no idea, but know that Emma would always appreciate pockets. So one day saw this tutorial and decided that I was too lazy to make a dress but would love to make a skirt like that. The only problem was that after cutting it out I realized that for a skirt I had to make the top a little higher so I could put the elastic in without making pockets tiny. So I had to come up with something else which was wide elastic. You cannot really see it on this picture, but it's there. So here are my little things I made here and there. Thanks to my mother-in-law for letting me use all her stuff for sewing and her sewing machine. Good thing she is crafty too :)

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