January 23, 2011

Happy Aprons

I was asked to make two aprons for Emma’s preschool class. Every day the teacher picks two kids to be “kitchen helpers”, when they help with cleaning after everyone is done eating. So they need to wear aprons while on duty. These aprons had to be all white but I tried to make them more fun. I think embroidery is very cute and I love different colored bias tape on the pockets.

Again, made without any real pattern. Had some measurements in one of my Japanese books and had to change it a little bit to make aprons a little bigger. Put some snaps on the top part so the length of it can be changed according to a child’s height.

DSC_0015  DSC_0017


The embroidery just makes me happy. Got the idea from another of my Japanese books. :) I am a Japanese craft book addict after all.


  1. Dashulja, pochemu ty tak dolgo skryvala ot mira etot blog! Tut tak mnogo klassnyh idej, ty takaja molodez! I ne perezhivaj, chto blog ne takoj "podkruchenyj", kak ostal'nye. Naoborot, svoej prostotoj on tol'ko ot etogo vyigryvaet.

  2. You have a Craft Blog?! What?! That's awesome!!! I love the ideas you have here... Now I wish I had a girl, haha!