June 18, 2009

Productive Month

I don’t have Russian letter stickers on the laptop, so i’ll have to write in English. Sorry, Russian readers. With all our moving, settling and finding all my craft supplies i didn’t craft at all for a couple of months. It was rough. It was like i was going through craft withdrawals. I had restless hands syndrome. Then, when I decided that it was time to sew something, I discovered that my sewing machine was not so lucky during our move and couple things broke off… it still sews though, which is good.

My friends kids have June birthdays. Now they live in Hawaii and we don’t see them at all, so i decided to make something for them. Here are skirts that i made for the little Girlie:



The pink one and the brown one are made from the same pattern from Ottobre magazine. The flowery skirt is from this website. I like making skirts, they are fast and easy. And girls love wearing skirts, because they can twirl in them.




IMG_5033Emma was so excited to try this skirt on. She started running around in it and didn’t want to take it off. Now i have to make her some skirts too.







The Boy turns four this month and so it was a little hard to come up with the idea of what to make for him. But then i stumbled on this tutorial. And this beauty was born:

IMG_5059 IMG_5058

It’s reversible, Batman on one side and Superman on the other. I had fun making it and then when Emma saw it she told me that she wants a cape too, but she wants a Super Grover cape. She’s crazy, but i love how she wants me to make things for her.

Well, all this stuff is on its way to Hawaii and i hope the Boy and the Girlie like their presents and wear them often. :)

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  1. Dasha - those are so cute! I want a skirt too!!!