February 14, 2013

Knitting Phase

This winter I've been on a big knitting kick. It is so much easier to just sit on a couch and knit something warm and soft. That's why I gravitate to knitting during winters. I've knitted a lot of things but I tend to forget to take pictures of the things I make. Most of the knitted stuff are gifts so not all of them make it on this blog for different reasons. But I did happen to snap some pictures of the last things I made in January.

So let us start with a hat I made for myself.

Cabled Tam

The pattern is Cabled Tam by Tree Frog. The yarn is Merino Melange by the same Tree Frog. It was an easy and relaxing knit. I enjoyed making the hat. The only thing is that it kind of looks wonky on me. It looks great on Emma though. She modeled it for me for the pictures.

Cabled Tam

Emma also modeled the cowl for me. The pattern is from Ravelry and the name is Gap-tastic Cowl. Made with a bulky turkish yarn that I bought from the local yarn store. I made this cowl for a friend of mine. Now I need to make one for myself too.


This Rapunzel Doll was made for one of the daughters of a said friend. I don't really like making toys like this because I am not very good at attaching a billion of pieces together. But because I don't make toys often making this doll wasn't bad. I actually almost enjoyed it. I found the pattern in the Knitter magazine (issue 53). Used whatever yarn I had on hand. Omitted the nose because it made her look like an ugly sister.

Owl Hat

And the last thing I made in January was another one of those Owl hats. It was a gift too. Used a free Ravelry pattern again. It came together very fast which I like about these hats.

So there's all the things I made in January. You can tell I spent a lot of time on my couch which I am not proud of. And I think it's taken care of my knitting itch for this year.

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