April 20, 2012

Baby Gifts

My friend just a had a beautiful little boy. There is nothing better than a new life coming here to Earth. I always get so excited when people close to me announce their pregnancy or birth of a child. The wheels in my head start turning as I think what I can make and give for a new baby. Making for babies is a pure bliss. Baby things are just so small and sweet that making them just makes me happy.

This time I asked my friend what would she want me to give her for her new baby. She asked me to make some appliquéd onesies for summer. I've never made anything for a boy other than knitting so I decided to find something cute for summery hot days on top of the onesies.


Pattern: Ottobre 2010-03 #3
Fabric: Linen blend from JoAnn's romp1

I was asked to make size 3-6 months but Ottobre sizes are in cm. I have no idea how many cm is a baby boy at three months. I made size 74 and it was a little too big. I think it was more like for 6-9 months. So I had to make another one.


Used the same pattern but different fabric and size is 68cm. At first I thought it was light linen blend but when I started sewing with it I changed my mind. I have no idea what it is but it was finicky to work with. It is light though so should be great for summer.
I also made this romper with snaps on top straps instead of buttons.

Honestly, I like the first one better. I think fabric looks much better and crisper. The second one is lighter and softer though.

Then came onesies. One of them is a stencil and the others are appliqué. Had a fun time making them and I think they make the fastest and easiest gifts.


I am in love with a tie onesie. Too bad I have girls only because I would totally make ten onesies with different little ties on them.
Yay for baby gifts!

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  1. Okay, so I'm browsing your blog and love which patterns you have chosen to do from Ottobre. A lot of the same ones I've done or wish I had time to make. Those little romper/overalls are just lovely.