August 2, 2011

Baby Steps

Ottobre 2011-3 #3

I made something again! You can tell I am very excited. I am making baby steps in getting back to sewing.
Katelyn was born at the wrong season because all the newborn clothes we have is for winter time. While we were in the US I got her some stuff for the first three months but then I did not have that much from 3-6 mos. So when she started growing out of her 0-3 stuff I had to do something. So I started sewing. This little romper is so cute. I loved making it and it was a pretty fast project. To make it cuter (or maybe I just did not have an already made bias tape) I made a polka dot bias tape. The pattern is from the Swedish magazine Ottobre 2011-3.

Ottobre 2011-3 #6
From the same magazine I made this sleeveless shirt. I used my old jersey shirt and cut it out with the original hem as the hem of a shirt. Another fast project. But took me a little longer than I would have liked it because it was my first time sewing with knits.
I was planning to make couple more rompers but the weather got so cold today that we had to wear jackets. So maybe I should start sewing for the fall already.

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  1. Those are SO cute. Will you make me some for my baby for next summer? Or if it is a girl, you can just give me the hand me downs :).