May 18, 2011

Orange Onesie

I totally forgot to show you this little number. I posted about it on Ravelry and forgot all about it. Are you familiar with Ravelry? It is an excellent web site for people who like to knit or crochet. You have to register there and then you get lost in all the projects. Every time before I make something I stop at Ravelry and look for inspiration. There are so many wonderful patterns there both free and the ones you have to pay for. So go check it out.

Enough of Ravelry and let's get to the pictures. Here's my little thing I made for Katelyn. I knitted it before she was born but it took me forever to finish it up. I was contemplating on how to make the neckline look better and also how to put the snaps in between the legs. Neither was in the pattern so I had to come up with it myself and that's why it took me a month. :)

Orange Onesie

While I was finishing it up my girl was growing like a weed. Then when it finally was done I put it on her and it fit her perfectly. And it's supposed to be for a 3 month old baby.

Orange Onesie

I have so many projects lined up waiting for me to make them. I am afraid it's not gonna happen for a while though. It is taking me so long to do something these days. Katelyn doesn't like to sleep during the day (or night) and it's the hardest. I hope she changes her ways and I have a little more time on my hands for things I like to do. Am I asking too much? :)


  1. Dasha- I have been out of the blogging world for months, but thought of you today and wanted to check in on you and your THIRD little daughter. She is beautiful! I loved reading your blog and finding out that you also have this craft blog. YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED. I can not believe all of these amazing things you have made. They are all fantastic- way to go! Tell Matt hi and take care.
    Love, Em