November 7, 2010

Little Big Things For A Big Day

So Emma’s birthday was a week ago.  I don’t have any decorations at home for birthdays. It is a shame because now when we have children we have to try to make birthdays a little bit more special. So I decided to make a little something. I had a week to make it all before the party. First, I always liked seeing online all the buntings and garlands and thought it would be nice to have one in our house. I still haven’t decided if I should put it up only for birthdays or leave it on the window all year round. It just looks so cheery. I used this Scalloped Fabric Garland tutorial. It was very easy to follow. The only thing I changed was that I lengthened the height of the template an inch or so. I had a hard time picking different fabrics that go together. I am not a quilter and I have no idea which colors go with which.

Nov_032 (2)

The other thing that I made for my girl’s birthday was the crown. I thought as we had a Princess Party for her she should have the prettiest crown of all. So I googled ‘felt crown’ and it came up with so many beautiful crowns that people made. As I scrolled down I found these ones and fell in love. So I just shamelessly copied it – drew my own pattern and then just sewed. Mine came out a little higher and I sewed the flower in the center all around after I embroidered the letter E  on it.  I do like how it turned out.

Nov_037 (2)

Emma also had a little party at her preschool and I thought I’d make a new dress for her just for that occasion. I used an Oliver+S Ice Cream Dress pattern. It was my first time sewing with Oliver+S patterns. It was a breeze. All the instructions were clear and I finished the dress in 4 hours. Because I picked the pattern I asked Emma to pick the fabric for her dress. And she did a great job.


Nov_043 (2)

So we had a very happy girl who turned 4 years old all set up to celebrate her birthday. The party turned out really well and I am thinking about making another garland like that just because they are so cute and cheery. And maybe a crown for myself :)

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