April 14, 2010

When There’s Need For Something

I am glad I can (usually) make it. And thanks to all the free tutorials out there sky is the limit.

One day I got sick of looking at this pretty sight:


And after looking for some little belts without any luck, I had to start sewing. First, I found this nifty tutorial  by Apple Cyder on how to make a patchwork belt. Then I had to measure Emma and readjust all the measurements so it would fit a 3 year old. And finally, put it all together. I didn’t have much time to make patchwork for the belt so I just sewed some cute fabric strip on. I also couldn’t find D-rings, for some reason in Moscow there are only fancy belt rings with fake diamonds. I thought this plastic thing would be easier for Emma to open and close by herself so I got that. And it will readjust as she grows.

Picnik collage1

And on the happy plumber model:


On the other note, I feel bad that i abandon this blog for long stretches before I finally post about something. I do have things to show, i just don’t have time to just sit and write a post. I know it’s a lame excuse but I am quite busy these days and wish I was one of those mothers who can do it all and have plenty of time to craft, take beautiful pictures, clean, make fancy dinners while playing with their four kids. I have my hands full with my two crazies who don’t really like playing with toys/by themselves, which is why I usually forget about my craft blog.


  1. Those are so cute Dasha!! I will have to make some for Jacob. (With Manlier material of course)